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Voting for the Amendment of Indenture and Adoption of "Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions" begins Today, Tuesday, July 6th, 2021. Ballots are available for pick up at the LCHOA Clubhouse. All ballots must be turned in by August 5th at 11:59pm.  

A Special Meeting will be held on Friday, August 6th at 7pm at the LCHOA Clubhouse.  At this meeting all ballots received will be counted.  If 550 ballots have been collected, ballots will be opened, read, and tallied.  General ballot and voting guidelines are available below.



General Voting Rules and Procedures:

1. Ballots are held at the clubhouse for pickup by owners for 10 business days. All ballots not retrieved after 10 days will be mailed out.

2. Every address has been designated a corresponding number. You will receive 1 numbered ballot and 1 numbered envelope.

3. Owners will seal their ballot in the corresponding envelope and may return their ballot in person, or by mail to the clubhouse (150 Waterside Drive, Wildwood, MO 63040).

4. All completed ballots will be stored in a clear plastic box sealed with tamper evident tape.

5. 1 address equals 1 vote. If an Owner owns more than one address, he/she will receive a ballot for each address.

6. Ballots must be cast and signed by the Owner of record on the date the ballot was signed.

7. Notices/ballots will be mailed to the Owners according to the records of the Association.  

8. Only 1 vote per address may be counted.  If multiple votes are received related to an address, the vote first dated shall be counted and the other marked as invalid.  If neither are dated, then the first tallied vote shall be counted.

9. If the address is in a trust, only the beneficiary of that trust is considered an Owner for the purposes of voting.

10. If the address is in the name of a company or corporation, an authorized agent or officer is considered the owner for the purposes of voting.

11. Renters are not permitted to vote.

12. Ballots must be filled out in ink.

13. Ballots received via fax or email will be rejected and the Owner will be asked to re-cast his/her vote as an original copy.

14. Upon discovery of any Ballots cast without an envelope, the ballot will be placed in an envelope with the address’ corresponding number printed on the outside.

15. Ballots must have printed names and signatures.

16. Ballots received with a vote and no signature will be deemed “incomplete”.

17. Ballots received with a signature and no vote will be deemed “incomplete”.

18. Ballots received with no printed name will still be counted as long as they have a vote and a signature.

19. All votes will be opened by a third party in a recorded session.

The most recent versions of the proposed Declaration and Bylaws, red-lined versions of the Declaration and Bylaws, and a comparison document of our current Indentures versus the proposed Declaration are all available below.

For more Information regarding the voting process please read the Resolution for Voting Procedure. 

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